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Mind, Body and Soul

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Discover your needs

Together we will discuss your history, your current concerns and goals, to co-create a care plan. Your care plan will outline the therapies we will use to support you on your healing journey. Ongoing consultations will include SMART goal setting, strengths assessment, psycho-education and your choice of other therapies that I offer.

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Let it out

One to one counselling sessions including Solution Focused Brief Therapy and CBT based therapy. Speaking about what has happened in your life and what is affecting you is very beneficial for your wellbeing. Having time to vent to a kind professional who does not judge you and can guide you through new ways of being does wonders for your mental health.

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Learn and practice meditation

One to one or group sessions of guided meditation including: Mindfulness meditation, kindness and compassion meditation, deep relaxation meditation, mantra/chanting meditation and breathwork for beginners or regular meditators. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, enhance self-awareness, improve concentration and focus, reduce age related memory loss, increase compassion and kindness, help fight addictions, improve sleep, control pain, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve immune function.

Reiki Treatment


Balance your Chi

This is a hands-on body treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. Just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to your health. The benefits include: stress reduction, enhanced creativity, improved sleep, inner peace and harmony, balanced mind and emotions, increased energy and focus, heightened intuition, deep relaxation and relief from chronic pain.

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Bathe in Healing Soundwaves

Sound therapy, also known as sound healing or a sound bath, is scientifically proven to heal a range of ailments on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The instruments used at tuned to a specific frequency that will lull you into a deeply relaxed state. As the soundwaves flow through your body, your brain waves resonate with the frequency of Theta. Theta brainwaves are the state between wakefulness and deep sleep, it is in this state of consciousness that we heal and rejuvenate at a deep cellular level.

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An Ancient Yogic Science

Kundalini Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Awareness. Through this practice you will develop a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself, the world around you, and the Universe.
The practice involves:
- Meditation
- Breathwork
- Kriyas (postures that are often repetitive although sometimes held)
- Mudras (specific hand gestures that activate certain parts of the brain)
- Mantras (Chanting Sacred words)
The combination of these 5 aspects is called a Kriya. Each Kriya is carefully designed for a specific outcome. Kriyas are like yogic prescriptions for different ailments or issues you want to work on. There are over 5000 Kriyas, so whatever your issue, you can be sure there is a Kriya for it.

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Cultivate awareness

Mindfulness is not just meditation, it can be incorporated in your every day life, in everything you do. Living more mindfully allows you to live a life with less stress, reduced anxiety, improved mood and more pleasure. 
I will teach you different methods and practices that you can do in every situation. You will learn valuable tools to help you reduce stress, worry, anxiety, low mood or hyperarousal. You will learn how to respond to situations, rather than react. You will learn how to appreciate the little things in life and find pleasure in what is usually mundane and ordinary life. 
As you learn to apply Mindfulness to every aspect of your life, every aspect of your life will improve.

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Connect to Nature

Time in Nature is Therapy in itself. Trees naturally emit phytoncides or aerosol molecules that we absorb through our skin and inhale into our bloodstream. These have many benefits, some trigger endorphin release (happy hormones!). Some activate enzymes and bodily systems that rebalance mental health and physical wellbeing. Some have been shown to increase NK activity - the "Natural Killer' cells in our body that fight off infection.
So combine being in nature with other therapies, (any of the above), and we have a powerful healing concoction.

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